Neville Coleman OAM Neville Coleman 1938-2012

Neville Coleman was a living legend and a pioneer of ocean exploration. He has left the world richer from his discoveries and has created a unique visual Legacy for future generations to treasure.

Coleman Legacy Initiative (CLI) has been established in conjunction with Ocean Ark Alliance (OAA). This is a global Not For Profit (NFP) organisation established to raise funds to assist in the scanning, indexing and preserving of Neville Coleman’s Australasian Marine Photographic Index (AMPI) slide collection ensuring this invaluable legacy is available to NFP Educational Institutions globally to further Marine Life education.

As a newly appointed member of the OAA Board of Directors, Jorina van der Westhuizen has made it her mission to further develop Neville Coleman’s priceless Marine Legacy for future generations.

Donations are Tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

Coleman Legacy Initiative has been granted Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status under the umbrella of OAA.

“The future of the World of Water depends entirely on us. Unless we accept the responsibility and endeavour to change our attitudes towards its welfare today, the children of tomorrow will only mirror our ignorance. They deserve a better inheritance – after all, they have to live with and attempt to correct our mistakes. They can only do this if we give them a legacy worthy of their belief.”
Neville Coleman


‘Footsteps in the Sea’

“Learning is the greatest adventure.
Welcome to the journey.
You only grow, by what you know”
- Neville Coleman OAM

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